Orlando Florida Independent Living: Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Owning a pet can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. They are always there for you, they cheer you up when you are feeling blue, and they are simply adorable! That is why at Westminster Towers, an independent living community in Orlando, we allow pets. We understand that they are part of your family, and it’s important that they can move with you to your new home. When caring for your pets, you may be asking yourself; Do I need pet insurance? 

How Can It Help?

Pet insurance has become increasingly popular in recent years and it is very similar to health insurance for humans. Premiums, deductibles, co-payments, and limitations are common features of pet insurance policies, limiting the amount of money paid out each year. However, if your pet is starting to age and could develop health issues in the near future, it could help lower your out-of-pocket payments for specific procedures.

How Pet Insurance Works

Although pet insurance is similar to our personal insurance, there are some differences. Unlike people’s coverage, you will normally have to pay the full amount of the vet fees upfront and then wait for reimbursement from the insurer. Pet insurance coverage ranges from basic plans that solely cover accidents and illness to comprehensive policies that cover everything from annual exams, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and more. It is important to note that most pet insurance policies exclude pre-existing diseases and that premiums are normally lower when your pet is young and healthy.

Pet Insurance Costs 

Pet insurance prices vary by insurer and policy, but they are often determined by factors such as the cost of veterinary care in your area, as well as the age and breed of your pet. For more information on average costs, visit the North America Pet Health Insurance Association.

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

This is a question that only you can answer after you review your budget, research your options, and then decide what is best for you. Insurance policies vary by type of pet, age, and more. If you decide to go the pet insurance route, please find a reputable company and make sure to read all the fine details. Don’t be afraid to talk to your family and get their opinion. It is a big financial decision and it won’t hurt to get multiple perspectives.

All in all, pet insurance can be beneficial for some and non-essential for others. Taking the time to find trusted insurance companies, reading all of the details, and crunching the numbers is important. Just remember, whether you go the pet insurance route or not, your best friend is always welcomed at Westminster Towers, our independent living community in Orlando, Florida.

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