7 Differences between Assisted Living and Memory Care

Before learning how to choose between assisted living and memory care, it’s crucial to understand the differences between the two types of care. There are numerous parallels and distinctions between senior care lifestyles, but here are seven differences between assisted living and memory care in Orlando.

Specialized Treatment for Memory Care

Gyms, pet-friendly apartments, transportation services, and more are just a few of the amenities that particular assisted living homes in Orlando may provide. Meanwhile, memory care facilities may include features such as enclosures or terraces to deter drifting, spas, and arts and crafts studios, and other amenities.

24/7 Surveillance for Memory Care

Orlando assisted living and memory care staff members have extensive experience caring for the elderly and assisting residents with daily duties. Memory care personnel, on the other hand, get ongoing, comprehensive training in order to offer 24-hour, person-centered care and monitoring to people with memory loss.

Secure Entrances and Exits in Assisted Living

Safety elements such as in-room emergency alarm systems and daily check-ins may be available in Orlando, Florida assisted living settings. However, more excellent safety is a key objective and major worry for seniors with memory loss.

This is due to the fact that wandering, aggressiveness, and falls are all frequent yet deadly symptoms of dementia. Memory care facilities must provide a safe setting with locked gates to avoid roaming.

Memory Improvement Therapies

Seniors in assisted living facilities in Orlando, Florida have lots of opportunities to socialize. A diverse choice of organized activities is frequently offered to cater to various interests.

For elders with memory loss, memory care provides both group and individual activities and therapies. Activities are planned carefully to offer a sense of comfort and routine food to help elders maintain cognitive skills.

Large Staff

Because memory care patients have more demands than assisted living residents, the facilities have hired more people to guarantee that each person’s needs are addressed.

Ambiguity Reduction

Memory care facilities have distinct layouts and designs to assist residents in orienting themselves and reducing confusion. In memory care communities, design aspects may include well-defined communal spaces, color-coded walls to help individuals with memory loss find their way around, and outside gardens to keep patients from feeling trapped or confined.

Cost of Assisted Living

Memory care homes or units provide specialized care and nursing services that are not available in traditional assisted living facilities in Orlando, Florida. As a result, memory care is more expensive and varies depending on the community and region.

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