Facebook Essentials for Staying In Touch with Assisted Living in Orlando

If you are placing your loved one in assisted living in Orlando, social media websites (like Facebook) can help you and your loved ones stay in touch. Many senior citizens do not have a Facebook page, so there are some steps you want to take before placing your loved one in a facility to ensure they can interact with you and other family members on Facebook. Continue reading below as we go over some of these steps to help your loved one stay in touch on social media. 

Set Up a Facebook Page For Your Loved One

One of the first things you need to do to ensure your loved one can stay in touch with you via Facebook once they move to Orlando, Florida assisted living is help them set up a page. It is important to help them set up a page and send friend requests to all of the family and friends that they will want to remain in contact with. During this phase, you will also want to teach them how to interact with others on Facebook and how to operate the social media platform. 

Remain Active on Facebook

Another tip to help you and your loved one stay in touch via Facebook is to remain active on the platform, and to encourage your loved one to do so as well. If you are not active on the platform, your loved one may get bored with it and interact with it less. Be sure to upload photos of yourself and your children so your loved one can see and experience what is going on in everyone’s lives. 

Teach Your Loved One About Dangers and Scams Associated With Facebook 

The final tip to keep in mind when you are teaching your loved one about Facebook is to teach them about online scams. For those of us on social media regularly, scams may be easy to spot. However, for those who are elderly or who do not have much experience on social media, scams may not be as easy to pick out. Teach your loved ones about the dangers on Facebook and encourage them to reach out to you if they have any questions about potential scams.

Whether you are looking for assisted living facilities in Orlando, Florida, or independent living, Westminster Towers can provide the care your loved one needs. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour of our facility or to learn how we can help your loved one. 

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