5 Reasons To Visit The Fitness Center At Our Life Plan Community In Orlando, FL

When you call Westminster Towers’ life plan community in Orlando, FL “home,” there’s no shortage of fun, rewarding ways to craft your fitness routine — from splashing pool sessions to daily walks across our beautiful grounds. But even with so much natural wonder to discover outdoors, there’s something special about knowing a fitness center is available to meet your exercise needs whenever the occasion calls for it — whether there’s rough weather going on outside, or you simply want to work on specific strength workouts from the comfort of a controlled, familiar environment.

Fortunately, Westminster Towers is home to a vibrant, state-of-the-art fitness center that lets you do all of this — and more! Just read on as we share five smart reasons to check out the fitness center in our beautiful Sunshine State community.

Fun Fitness Classes Await

We proudly offer fitness classes as part of our My W Life wellness program, giving our residents the chance to work out in a welcoming setting — one where you can learn as you go and pick up new tips (and friends!) along the way. There’s definitely room for solo fitness like leisurely walks or swim sessions in any fitness routine — but mixing in a community aspect helps diversify your day and can teach you things you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

Get Away From The Sun & Heat…

We all love the Sunshine State’s namesake sunny weather — but as spring settles in and, soon, progresses into summer, it’s nice to have an indoor environment where you can avoid some of the hottest, sunniest weather in a cool setting. You’ll still work up a sweat, of course! But at least you can do so in a more controlled environment.

… Or Stormy Skies

With that being said, ironically, our corner of the country doesexperience its share of showers and storms — especially during the warmest stretch of the year. When you’re on a roll with your fitness routine, the last thing you want to do is nix a workout you were looking forward to just because there’s weather afoot. Fortunately, rain or shine, the Westminster Towers fitness center has you covered… literally!

Strength Train With Specific Workouts

If you have specific, measurable fitness goals, then you might find comfort in the Westminster Towers fitness center — where you can control all the variables of your workout and measure your progress in a truly welcoming environment that’s geared for your success.

Embrace The Power Of Routine

The beautiful thing about having access to an on-site fitness center is that you can make it a consistent part of your fitness routine! You don’t need to choose between free-spirited activities like biking and nature strolls, and the structure of a gym setting. Rather, you can incorporate the best of both worlds into your weekly activity. For example, you might choose a specific gym workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but mix in flexible cross-training out in nature on the alternating days. Whatever works for you!

With the help of Westminster Towers’ state-of-the-art fitness center, you’re one step (or rep) closer to a fitness routine you can feel great about — this spring and all year long. Of course, it’s just one of many attractive amenities to discover when you call our community “home.” Contact us today to learn more about fitness activities, My W Life wellness program, and more!

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