How Museum Outings Can Be An Enriching Part Of Independent Living In Orlando

When you call Westminster Towers “home,” you don’t just get to enjoy all the amenities that come with our destination for independent living in Orlando, Florida. You also get to tap into the aptly nicknamed City Beautiful’s wealth of arts, culture, and history, too, reflected in our many museums and educational attractions.

Keep reading to see the benefits of exploring museums and educational opportunities surrounding our one-of-a-kind Westminster Towers community!

Expanding Your Horizons

Visiting a museum is a great way to learn more in a natural, organic setting. With Westminster Towers’ on-site library and computer center, you can always enjoy a leisurely study session close to home — but a museum outing can help expose you to new ideas you never would have thought to look up in the first place! In fact, the National Institute on Aging recommends visiting museums as a great way to maintain an active lifestyle.

Plus, you don’t need to stop your museum visit at, well, just a visit. You can often parlay that initial experience into other activities, like volunteering or special interest gatherings — which are more great ways to stay engaged in the community.

Cost-Effective Exploration

Orlando is renowned for its amusement parks and entertainment opportunities — and they’re indeed lots of fun! But when it comes to cost-effective leisure, visiting a museum or performing arts center is typically much more accessible than the Sunshine State’s big-ticket attractions. Depending on the museum you visit, you will likely be able to benefit from senior discounts as well as special passes that let you visit other museums in the same network, even if they’re in different destinations altogether. The bottom line? A little goes a long way when it comes to what a museum visit can bring you!

Built-In Fun

The Orlando area is home to an abundance of museums and artistic attractions — but did you know that many of the best opportunities are actually built into the Westminster Towers lifestyle? Thanks to grants from the Westminster Retirement Communities Foundation’s Cultural Arts Endowment, we are able to provide our residents with special events featuring Broadway performers, comedy, music, and much more. There’s always something going on, so be prepared to get plugged into a lively arts and culture scene when you call Westminster Towers “home.”

Live Like A Curator

The museum fun doesn’t have to stop when you’re back at your Westminster Towers home. After visiting several cultural institutions, you might find that you’re thinking like a curator — treating your own life like a special exhibit! As you stroll our community grounds, for example, you can snap photos or scribble down journal entries about the beautiful sights you see; when you spend time in our library, you can pick a special interest (like ancient art, or the Golden Age of Hollywood) and devote extra time to exploring that niche.

When you’re surrounded by so many arts and culture opportunities, there’s always something new to do and see! We hope today’s guide helps you fall in love with your vibrant Central Florida community in an all-new way.

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