Why Is Golfing Such a Popular Pastime for Seniors?

It almost seems like a cliche that seniors like golf. So is it true? And if so, why? It turns out there are some excellent benefits to healthy hobbies like golf for those of us in retirement age. There’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy world-class golfing facilities, too. If you live in a warm climate, such as assisted living in Orlando, you’ll have an embarrassment of riches when looking for a golf course. Now, what can golf do for you?

It’s Great Exercise

As people age, they can’t count on feeling energetic as a baseline. Physical fitness must be maintained. Golf is an excellent choice because it involves a great amount of low-impact movement, from walking to carrying bags of heavy clubs to driving the ball down the fairway. Yes, you can take a golf cart, but you’re going to have to walk eventually!

It Boosts Mental Health

Golf is challenging (if you want to play well, anyway), and players must always be looking for the best strategy. This process of critical thinking will keep your mind sharp and strengthen connections in the brain. That’s why it’s excellent to play golf against other people. The competitive drive will force you to play better.

It’s Social

Maintaining relationships and making new ones is one of the most difficult tasks a person will ever face. Golf is a wonderful way to meet new people and strengthen friendships you already have. There will be plenty of time to talk during a game, so you can spend that time getting to know people!

It Can Add Some Joy to Your Life

Not just in a general sense, but physical activity will release endorphins and keep your mood positive. The more sedentary a person is, the less they’re going to get the endorphins flowing. With golf, you’re using your muscles, engaging in conversation, and using your brainpower to try to win. That’s going to produce some endorphins for you.

It Can Reduce Stress

A sharp brain is the result of physical and mental exercise. A sharp brain is also better equipped to deal with issues that may arise. Gold is a fantastic way to melt stress away. The activity itself helps take your mind off problems and helps you become better equipped to think through a stressful situation.

Studies show that golfers live an average of 5 years longer than non-golfers. Regular exercise is certainly beneficial, but the added components of problem-solving and competition in a clean, beautiful environment give golf the edge.

How to Get into Golf

If you’re convinced that golf sounds like a fun new activity, you’ll probably want to know where to start!

Take Lessons

Yes, there’s more to golf than “hit the ball over there.” You’ll need to work on your swing and learn how the ball reacts in diverse situations. For example, the green and the sand traps are as different as different can be.

Get Equipment

You can always rent equipment, but to spur yourself on, you might want to get a set of clubs. You’ll need to learn what each one does and practice your swing, anyway.

Find Golfing Buddies

Golf is a social sport, so find some people in your peer group who would like to join you. If they’re competitive and ready to give you a challenge, that’s even better!

If You’re in Assisted Living in Orlando, Give Golf a Try

The Orlando assisted living community is spoiled by the great courses that are a mere stone’s throw away, but incredible golf courses can be found around the country. Get started and enjoy the benefits! Find a course, grab a club, and have fun!

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