Busting Myths: 5 Things that May Surprise You About Assisted Living

Moving to an assisted living community is one of the best ways you can spend your retirement. In fact, more seniors than ever are choosing to move to assisted and independent living facilities in Orlando, Florida, earlier in retirement. 

Despite the benefits, there are still some misconceptions and unanswered questions about what life is like in a retirement community. Here are five things that may surprise you about assisted living.

1. It Can Improve Your Health

Maintaining good health is a key component to enjoying retirement. What many seniors don’t know is that their health can actually improve when they make the transition to assisted living, mainly due to access to nutritious meals and ample opportunities to stay active. 

In assisted living communities, residents regularly receive ready-to-eat, nutritious meals. They’re also encouraged to participate in daily activities that promote socialization and exercise. Residents also benefit from having knowledgeable staff around to look out for any early warning signs of health issues.

2. Assisted Living Is Affordable

Seniors and their families often think assisted living is off the table because of the cost. Today, however, assisted living is more affordable than ever, and families have many options for fitting it into their finances. There’s a diversity of affordable solutions, from flexible pricing plans to federal and state subsidies.

Many families find that the cost of assisted living is comparable to — or sometimes even cheaper than — caring for seniors in the family home.

3. Assisted Living Helps You Maintain Your Independence

Many seniors fear they’ll lose their sense of independence when they transition to assisted living, but nothing could be further from the truth. Assisted living communities are intended to support seniors with tasks they need help with, not to control every aspect of their lives. 

Staff is trained to empower seniors to set their own schedules and keep up with their own chores, and residents are encouraged to do as much as they like when it comes to day-to-day activities.

4. You’ll Make Lifelong Friends

Social isolation is a real problem among older adults.

As the years go on, it can be more difficult to keep friends and maintain a healthy level of social interaction. One of the major benefits of assisted living is the connections you’ll make within your community. You’ll never be far away from peers who share the same interests as you.

There are also regularly scheduled activities that foster connection. The social environment is one of the most effective ways to keep feelings of loneliness and isolation at bay.

5. You Can Live a Private Life in Assisted Living

Another big misconception about assisted living is that it robs residents of their privacy. In reality, residents have private living quarters that afford them all the privacy they could want.

Assisted living communities have come a long way since the days of hospital-like facilities. Nowadays, they look more like traditional neighborhoods or apartment communities.

Residents have their own spaces that they can personalize, use to host gatherings, and spend their downtime in. If you need some time to yourself, there’s no obligation to join in group activities or dining. You can enjoy as much or as little solitude as you like.

Explore Assisted Living Facilities in Orlando, Florida

The assisted living facilities in Orlando, Florida, are some of the best in the country. From beautiful grounds to state-of-the-art facilities and luxurious amenities, residents are guaranteed everything they need and more.

Modern assisted living communities are nothing like the nursing home stereotypes of the past. Take a tour for yourself and discover the wonderful lifestyle that today’s assisted living facilities can offer.

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