What Are the Best Video Apps for Seniors to Use?

Keeping in touch with loved ones is crucial. But with the pace of today’s technological advancements, it can be hard for senior citizens to keep up. Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the basics. Below are some of the best video apps for seniors to use based on usability, accessibility, and user experience. 


FaceTime is one of our top choices because it’s so easy to use, and anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac already has it on their device. Senior citizens can make a video call just as easily as a regular phone call without navigating a separate app. The only downside of FaceTime is it’s not accessible to everyone. Everyone in the conversation must have Apple products. 


WhatsApp is wildly popular worldwide among people of all ages. Thanks to its simple user interface for both audio and video calls, it’s easy to figure out and can be mastered in just a few minutes. All you need is a stable internet connection. This makes it easy for technology-timid seniors to hop on a video call in a matter of seconds. 

The best part of WhatsApp is its improved security and privacy features over other apps. With WhatsApp, calls and messages are fitted with end-to-end encryption. This means only the two people on either end of the conversation can hear or see it. 

Oscar Senior

Oscar Senior is very different from average video apps because it does so much more than facilitate video calls. It requires a bit more setup than other apps, but the software essentially provides a new operating system. The entire user interface of the device changes to a more senior-friendly format. Large text and buttons make it easy to call, video chat, text, share photos, and even use other apps. 

The senior’s interface is just one facet of this software, though. There is also a management center and a caregiver’s dashboard to make managing their care more accessible. Oscar Senior can be a powerful tool. However, because of its price tag and complexity, this option is not suitable for everyone. 

Assisted Living in Orlando

If you or a loved one requires additional care or memory care in Orlando, assisted living may be the right option. There are many facilities for assisted living in Orlando that provide a broad spectrum of care and excellent treatment for senior citizens. 

Independent Living in Orlando

Many seniors in Orlando do not need assisted living but could still benefit from living in a community tailored to their needs. Independent living facilities allow seniors to continue their ordinary lives while encouraging them to remain active, social, and healthy. Many seniors prefer independent living communities because they don’t have to worry about things like yard work and housekeeping, and they get to be around people their age. 

Another benefit of independent living facilities is that when you need more care or transition to assisted living, it is easy to make that change. 

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