Top Questions to Ask Your Assisted Living Facility Tour Guide

Few choices are more important than the assisted living facility you choose for yourself or a loved one. This is a decision that you want to research thoroughly. Please be encouraged to read testimonials and reviews from a wide range of sources. Those insights are quite helpful. It’s beneficial to read the facility’s mission statement, as well.

As you search for Orlando (FL) assisted living facilities, remember that you’ll get the best information during your facility tour. This is when you will see the property in person, learn more about your living options, and ask your tour guide the following questions.

Ask These Questions About Orlando (FL) Assisted Living

Consider bringing the following list of questions to your facility tour.

What Is Your Staff to Resident Ratio?

Make sure that you or your loved one are comfortable with the number of staff available at any time. This isn’t just a good indicator of the ability to provide excellent service. It also shows the facility can maintain a full staff.

Are Your Employees Capable of Providing Memory Care?

When you need memory care in Orlando, Florida, it’s important to discuss this with your facility tour guide. They should be able to show you the memory care facility on-site, introduce you to the staff who work in that area, and discuss the programs available to residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

What Are the Safety and Security Measures in Place?

Assisted living facilities must have procedures in place to keep residents safe. This should include exit plans, COVID-19 measures, safety drills, controlled entry, and security systems.

What Criteria Do You Use to Recommend This Community or Level of Care?

Not every community or life plan option is a good fit for every senior. Some may need more attentive care. Your tour guide should be able to outline the criteria for different levels of care or let you know if another facility would be a better fit. They will also tell you how they determine when a resident may need additional services or living options.

How Do You Schedule Personal Care Services?

It isn’t just important for an assisted living facility to provide personal care services as needed. Ideally, they will be able to accommodate each resident’s personal preferences and schedules, as well. After all, moving into a new community is enough of an adjustment. Many seniors find it difficult to change their personal care routines on top of it all.

What Social Opportunities Are Available?

It’s so important to the well-being of seniors living in assisted living communities to stay active and socialize with one another. Ideally, the community will have a combination of planned activities and opportunities to socialize independently.

What to Expect from Your Orlando Skilled Nursing Facility Tour

When you end your tour, you should feel confident that all of your questions have been addressed wholly and honestly. While it’s certainly acceptable for your tour guide to ask to do some further research on detailed inquiries, they should be able to answer the questions above quite thoroughly. 

Your tour should also include a close look at your potential living space, dining areas, social and gathering spaces, and any other areas you may utilize as a new resident. Please don’t hesitate to press for additional information or access. You deserve all of the insights you need to choose an excellent facility for retirement living in Florida.

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