How Assisted Living Facilities Customize Care to Meet the Unique Needs of Residents

When the time comes for an older adult to transition into assisted living, family members might feel concerned about whether it will meet their needs. 

Assisted living facilities in Orlando, Florida, provide customized care to ensure that every resident gets the support they need. Find out more about how assisted living communities customize care for residents.

Personalized Medical Treatment Plans

One of the most common concerns for senior adults is medical care. Many seniors have chronic or progressive health conditions that require ongoing care. Assisted living facilities place medical needs at the top of a long list of priorities to make sure that every resident gets the care they need. 

There are skilled medical professionals at every assisted living home to assist seniors with their health needs. These might include daily medications, medical treatments, and more. Most assisted living facilities have nurses on-site at all times to attend to residents’ needs whenever something arises.

Memory Care and Cognitive Services

A large number of older adults struggle with cognitive concerns like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. These issues are often progressive and result in memory loss, difficulty speaking, and trouble processing information. Many assisted living facilities offer memory care services to slow the progression of cognitive decline.

Memory care focuses on strengthening recall skills and other cognitive abilities. These practices can help lessen the severity of symptoms from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Depending on the resident’s needs, they may receive memory care once a week, several times a week, or even daily.

Group or Solo Activity Opportunities

The staff members at assisted living facilities want every resident to lead their best life throughout their golden years. Part of this is staying busy and having fun, which is why assisted living homes offer both group and solo activities for residents. 

These facilities understand that everyone is unique; while some seniors enjoy social interaction, others may be more introverted. Group activities like dance classes and movie nights are great for more social seniors, and art classes and music lessons may be better suited for seniors who appreciate their alone time.

Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Options

Another way that assisted living facilities strive to meet their residents’ needs is by providing rehabilitation and therapy options. Some seniors are injured in accidents or struggle with chronic pain from underlying conditions. 

Whatever the cause of a senior’s medical condition, most assisted living homes can bring in medical professionals to guide these residents through physical therapy and other treatments.

Sometimes on-site therapy or rehab is not an option. That’s why nearly all assisted living facilities provide transportation to outside medical establishments. This helps residents get the customized care that they need to heal properly and have an enhanced quality of life.

Assistance with Housekeeping and Hygiene

One important thing that assisted and independent living in Orlando provides is help with housekeeping. Many older adults have a hard time keeping up with household maintenance due to physical or cognitive concerns. In assisted or independent living, professional housekeepers help older adults maintain their living spaces.

Some seniors may also need help with daily personal hygiene. In assisted living, trained staff members and aides can assist with showering, bathing, brushing hair, dental hygiene, and more. 

Custom Care at Assisted Living Facilities in Orlando, Florida

If you have an older adult in your life in need of ongoing, personalized care, it may be time to transition them into assisted living. Through custom medical care, memory services, activities, and rehabilitation options, assisted living communities are able to give seniors the exact care that they need.

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