4 Tips to Simplify Video Calls for Seniors

Staying connected is so important for seniors. Social interaction helps seniors stay engaged, motivated, and healthy. Today, social interaction is no longer limited to face-to-face encounters. 

With the help of technology, talking to family or friends is just a video call away. However, seniors don’t always catch on to new technologies as quickly as younger generations.

Here are four tips to simplify video calls for seniors

1. Invest in a Quality Device

To video call, you need a connected device like a computer, phone, or tablet. Newer models are user-friendly and have incorporated years of user testing into their designs. They also tend to be easier to use and fix, and they last longer than older models. 

If a senior uses an outdated or low-quality device, it can be less reliable and more difficult to navigate. In addition, low-quality devices usually come with other problems like poor battery life and minimal volume. 

Investing in a quality device will make things easier and more enjoyable. A good device can last years and become a staple in any senior’s home.

2. Choose a User-Friendly and Safe App

Selecting the right device is only half of the equation when it comes to video calls. Many apps on the market provide free video calling services, and some are more user-friendly than others. 

Do some research before downloading the app to make sure it is user-friendly and safe. Some apps are simple to use and only involve a few button clicks, while others are a bit more complicated. Many apps offer built-in tutorials to walk a new user through the steps and features.

Many apps are high quality and truly free. Others claim to be free but actually have ulterior motives. Seniors are more susceptible to internet scams, so make sure your app is reputable and trusted. 

3. Provide a Tutorial

Even for the most user-friendly devices and applications, a tutorial can always be helpful in learning how to navigate a video call. If you are helping a senior loved one, take some time to show them how to use their device and the app. Usually, it only takes one tutorial to empower them to use their new tool whenever needed.

4. Take It Slow

Today’s video calling devices and services have more features than ever before. From screen sharing to filters, video calls can offer a lot of features to advanced users. While these features can be helpful, they can also be overwhelming for seniors who are trying out the technology for the first time.

Especially when they are first starting, take it slow and only take on the simple calls at first. Make sure to answer all of their questions. Trying to introduce too much complexity at once can deter seniors from wanting to use the technology.

Stay Connected at Assisted Living Facilities in Orlando, Florida

Assisted living facilities in Orlando, Florida, offer wonderful communities where seniors have the chance to spend more time doing the things they love in a beautiful environment with convenient amenities. 

Seniors in assisted living also have plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community and meet new friends. Despite all that assisted living offers, it is still critical that seniors stay connected with family and friends, and they can easily do that through video calling. 

No matter where seniors live, whether in their own home, assisted living, or in an Orlando skilled nursing facility, they can stay in touch with the people they care about with just the click of a button. 

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