3 Benefits of Assisted Living for Wheelchair-Bound Seniors

Wheelchair-bound seniors may have to make some adjustments to their way of life, but they should still have access to everything they need to enjoy retirement. Transitioning to assisted living in Orlando can make it much easier to get around and access not only daily necessities but also fun activities. 

Living at home or in an independent living community can be comfortable, but it can also be difficult to move from place to place in a wheelchair. Assisted living facilities are often constructed to better accommodate wheelchairs and seniors with limited mobility.

Here are three benefits of assisted living for wheelchair-bound seniors.

1. Safe and Accessible Spaces

Unlike family homes or some independent living communities, assisted living facilities are built to be easily accessible. You’ll never find a doorway or hallway that cannot fit a wheelchair. In addition, individual living spaces are often outfitted to accommodate wheelchair-bound seniors, so they can access anything they need without help.

This type of environment not only gives seniors access to services and amenities, but it also allows them to maintain a level of independence that just isn’t possible in most other living situations.

2. Help from a Caregiver 

One of the major benefits of assisted living in Orlando is access to caregivers. Even with accessible spaces and thoughtfully constructed living spaces, sometimes wheelchair-bound seniors need a little extra help. No matter what time of night or day it is, a caregiver is available to provide assistance. 

Caregivers in assisted living facilities are highly skilled and trained to accommodate seniors of all mobility levels. They know how to assist seniors while still allowing them to have their independence.

3. Transportation

For wheelchair-bound seniors, leaving their homes can be quite a challenge. Between accommodations that may be needed to access the outdoors and modifications that need to be made to vehicles, transportation is out of reach for many wheelchair-bound seniors.

Assisted living facilities are set up for wheelchair transportation and have all of the tools needed to make transportation easy and seamless. Seniors can get to and from appointments, family visits, entertainment, or other activities stress-free. 

Enjoy Retirement in Assisted Living in Orlando

With the help of dedicated staff, seniors who are wheelchair-bound can still enjoy all of the benefits that retirement has to offer in an Orlando skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility. From socializing with other residents to enjoying on-site and off-site activities, nothing is off-limits.

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