Highlights of Living in Downtown Orlando

Orlando has been a premier retirement community in Florida for many years, and for good reason. With warm weather, ample activities, access to nature, and a bustling senior community, it is the perfect place to enjoy retirement. 

Whether you live alone, need daily support, or are exploring independent living facilities in Orlando, FL, the city has something for you.

Orlando is home to almost 300,000 people, so there are many different neighborhoods to choose from, from the heart of downtown to the outskirts of the city. Here are just a few highlights of living in downtown Orlando.

Arts and Culture

Orlando is home to a robust arts community that includes up-and-coming artist groups and several art galleries. From modern to contemporary to classic, Orlando is home to a diverse range of artists who share their work with the community. 

In addition, there are several art museums in the downtown area where residents can discover historic art and learn a bit about the history of Orlando at the same time.

For live art, there are frequent opportunities to see live music, shows, and theater in downtown Orlando. Whether you enjoy seeing a live pianist, a full-piece band, or community theater, the city has many options.


Downtown Orlando is home to some of the best restaurants in the city. Of course Orlando is known for its fresh seafood, but there’s so much more to explore. From traditional American fare to authentic cuisine from around the world, you can find it downtown. 

There are dozens of quaint lunch spots to spend the afternoon enjoying the weather. You also have countless options for both casual and fine dining. In addition to restaurants, you’ll find that downtown is home to unique coffee shops, bakeries, cheese shops, and more. 


Whether you are living independently or enjoying assisted living in Orlando, it’s important to stay active. A major benefit of downtown Orlando living is the access to activities. From sporting events to classes, you can easily find a new activity to do each day if you are so inclined. 

Between the minor and major leagues, you have the opportunity to see almost any sporting event you’d like, from football to baseball to hockey. You can even get involved in the downtown community’s youth sports events.

Lifelong learning is easier than ever in downtown Orlando. Take a cooking class, learn how to make pottery, or simply spend an afternoon reading in the library. 

There are also several colleges close to downtown, some of which open up classes to the general public. Consider taking a course on writing, a second language, or another topic you are interested in.

Access to Nature

While some downtown areas have failed to preserve any green space, Orlando has been very thoughtful in city planning and preserving nature throughout the city. You have access to multiple parks, walking trails, hiking paths, and more.

There are few downtown areas in the country that offer the green space that downtown Orlando does. Just steps away from the business of the shops and restaurants you can take a peaceful walk through the park or spend an afternoon bird watching.

Downtown Assisted Living in Orlando

Regardless of your mobility, living in downtown Orlando makes it easier than ever to maintain an active lifestyle through retirement. With so much to do just steps away from your community, you may find yourself busier than ever exploring new interests and making new friends. 

Whether you are looking for a relaxing and slow pace of retirement or an exciting lifestyle filled with new challenges, downtown Orlando can cater to you. 

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