4 Ways to Reduce Fall Risks in Orlando Independent Living

Living in an Orlando assisted living facility means having special care always available to provide for your safety needs. For example, tripping and falling can be a dangerous health risk at home – however, care experts at Orlando FL assisted living facilities are prepared to help avoid this risk and any associated injury. Consider the following four tips to reduce fall risks:

Clear Away Potential Hazards in Your Orlando FL Assisted Living Home 

When preparing an Orlando FL assisted living home, it is important to keep the floor clean and clear of potential tripping hazards. Be sure to keep walking paths and other routes clear of objects that could pose a risk. By clearing away any clutter from the floor, you can minimize the risk of serious tripping dangers around your space.

Keep the Orlando Assisted Living Facility Well Lit in Your Orlando FL Assisted Living Home 

Make sure that lighting is carefully installed and bright enough to provide a safe environment. Keep lights in the ceiling functioning corrently to minimize shadows or other tripping problems an Orlando FL assisted living home resident might experience. You should also consider the importance of hall lights and nightlights throughout the home for when it gets dark. These should help to minimize the risk of tripping and falling. 

Provide Grip Bars for Residents in Your Orlando FL Assisted Living Home 

Protecting yourself may be as simple as utilizing grip bars throughout the facility. You’ll need grips for stairs, bathrooms, and any other area where you might be at risk of falling. Pay attention to these simple steps! Bars with a strong grip surface and superior attachment options keep a facility strong and secure.

Install Floor-Level Showers in Your Orlando FL Assisted Living Home 

Did you know that most slip and fall risks in senior homes happen in the bathroom? Unfortunately, seniors trying to get in and out of the shower are at a high risk of slipping and falling. Take care to avoid this risk by utilizing floor-level showers – a helpful tool to stay protected while getting clean!

Take These Steps to Be Safe in Your Orlando FL Assisted Living Home 

If you take these simple and effective steps for your Orlando assisted living facility, you can stay safe from fall risks. When moving into your new assisted living center, remember to also take note of other steps that will minimize risks – like using proper walking gear and remembering to take any necessary medications regularly.

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