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5 Tips for Lowering Cholesterol in Orlando Assisted Living Facilities

March 31, 2021

Cholesterol is a common conversation between seniors and their physicians due to the significant role it plays in our health. For some, genetics lead to elevated cholesterol rates. For others, lifestyle causes high cholesterol. Untreated, high cholesterol can increase the odds for a stroke or cardiac-related health condition. For many people, a poor diet and lack of exercise are the culprits behind bad cholesterol. Continue reading to learn how to best combat high cholesterol through the benefits of assisted living!

Eat Smarter

Avoid foods high in saturated and trans fats – no matter how deliciously tempting they might be! Instead, look for foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as walnuts, salmon, and mackerel. These also help to increase your soluble fiber intake, which serves to absorb cholesterol from the bloodstream and eliminate it from the body. This can be found in oatmeal, berries, and vegetables! When putting together your next grocery list, keep your health in mind

Bust a Move

Engaging in moderate exercise multiple days of the week is a simple way to manage cholesterol. Walking, biking, swimming, yoga, and low-impact aerobics are all senior-friendly forms of exercise that maintain a healthy weight and manage cholesterol. If your lifestyle is missing any of these forms of exercise, consider speaking with your physician before beginning an exercise program.

Lose Weight

Being overweight is often linked to high cholesterol, but it has an effective fix given the right time and dedication! Spending too much time sitting as well as consuming sugary foods and too many carbohydrates can cause weight gain. It may help to track food, exercise, and time spent sitting in a daily fitness journal to gain a better understanding of how much you are doing for your body each day. This will help you identify patterns that may be contributing to any weight problems so that you can know how to best approach them.

Quit Smoking

Many people are aware of the connection between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer. However, it also has another devastating effect on our health, which is lower HDL cholesterol! HDL cholesterol is the “good” cholesterol and higher amounts of it are beneficial to our health because they actively remove the bad cholesterol from our bloodstream. When you quit smoking, your HDL rises quickly and according to the Mayo Clinic, being smoke-free for one year alone cuts your risk of heart disease in half! Putting down the cigarettes is an effective way to gain incredible health benefits for the rest of your life.

Enroll in My W Life

We believe that in order to be well, you must consider your entire being: body, mind, and spirit. We take this to heart at Westminster Towers, which is why we offer our residents an active and engaging lifestyle inspired by our My W Life program. Our exclusive wellness program features eight dimensions, including physical fitness and nutritional eating. We know you will love learning about the active and fulfilling lifestyle of Westminster Towers, all you must do is call us at (877) 382-0130 to find out more!

Combating lifestyles that prohibit low cholesterol is one of our goals to ensure a healthy and long-lasting life at Westminster Towers. From healthy meals to a wide range of activities and events designed to engage the body, mind, and spirit, we make it easier for residents to live their best lives. Learn more about our mission, values, and assisted living opportunities by contacting us today!

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