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Create Your New Happy Place with These Mood Boosters

May 28, 2021

Assisted living in Orlando is a great move for many seniors, but even then, the occasional blues can set in. Create your new happy place with these mood boosters in assisted and independent living facilities in Orlando, Florida!


Many people's moods do turn negative when their stomachs begin to growl. To avoid being grouchy, seniors in assisted living facilities in Orlando, Florida may benefit from including little snacks in their daily diet. 

In assisted living in Orlando Florida, seniors can avoid morning to afternoon lows by maintaining an equal blood sugar level. If you're unsure what to eat, see a nutritionist or visit the dining area of your assisted living complex for a healthy option.

Take A Walk Outside 

Health experts link vitamin D deficiency to seasonal depression. Exposure to sunshine makes your body create this vital chemical. Going outside is the best approach to assist your body increase its vitamin D production. 

If it's nice outdoors, go for a walk or sit outside your Orlando, Florida assisted living home, where you can feel the sun's warmth but choose an indoor space if it's cold outside.

Orlando Assisted Living Promotes Laughter

Laughter doesn't stop the pain, but it will almost certainly improve your attitude if you're having a bad day, phone a friend with a positive outlook and a good sense of humor.

Keep Your Space Organized

Physical space has a significant impact on a lot of people in Orlando assisted living. It means that a cluttered or filthy home can significantly dampen one's spirits. Frequently, seniors' mood improves through doing some housekeeping. 

Those capable will complete an in-depth cleaning, comprising dishes and laundry, and more. Those living in assisted living in Orlando, Florida must prioritize an organized living space.

Visit Their Pets

When you require a mental boost in an assisted living in Orlando, Florida home, see if you can visit with an animal. Petting a dog or cat makes you feel good while also benefitting the animal! It's why therapy dogs are so popular and frequently visit assisted living facilities in Orlando, Florida.

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