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5 Senior-Friendly Tech Tools to Get You Active While Living in Orlando Independent Living

April 3, 2021

Aging with grace has become an important goal for many seniors in today's modern society. But, unfortunately, this process often requires older adults to live in a senior care facility. And these simple technological apps make Orlando assisted living a more enjoyable experience for seniors and their individual care specialists.

How MP3 Players Help 

Seniors in an Orlando, Florida assisted living home still need entertainment to be happy. Thankfully, many MP3 players are designed for seniors and include large buttons, easy-to-read clear screens, and simple instructions. These benefits are significant because they make assisted living in Orlando, Florida more enjoyable, minimizing anxiety and depression.

Audiobook Players Improve Independent Living

Seniors who enjoy reading may find themselves struggling if their vision starts failing them. Thankfully, audiobooks are available to help seniors retain their favorite hobby. These audiobooks can be played on various devices. This tech helps with memory care treatment in Orlando by stimulating a senior's mind.

Health Tracking Devices 

Most of the time, your standard Orlando skilled nursing facility integrates health tracking devices and apps that their clients can use to read blood pressure, pulse, and more. Just as notably, these apps include alerts for medications and doctor's appointments.

Heating Pads Help

Many older adults struggle with poor circulation and need to stay heated artificially to avoid pain and chills. Thankfully, heating pads are available in many designs. In addition, a growing number of options include upgrades like phone-operated pads that allow older adults to set the level of heat that they desire and create an automatic shutoff.


A growing number of vision-boosting apps are available, including large magnifying glasses and even scanners for phones and tablets that help seniors see more clearly. This benefit is critical because it helps to minimize confusion and frustration for seniors with vision trouble.

Whether you or someone you love needs these valuable pieces of technology, it is a good idea to research your options and reach out to an expert who can find you the choices that make the most sense for your needs. You won't regret making this decision for your health.

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